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A Collaborative Installation

The excitement is building.  Preparations have been ongoing all week for our annual Family Day on Saturday.  We have been collecting natural materials from the


Family Day Preparation

We dyed with Kim today, in preparation for Family Day (Saturday 10-12)! (Some of us served up tea and played on the train afterwards!)


It’s May Day!

As the children entered the studio the morning of May Day there was much buzz as the May Pole had been spotted near the hearts. 



Studio Yellow is continuing to think about the signage that accompanies the sculptures in the Sculpture Park.  The children are very versed at telling each


In an ongoing effort to welcome visitors to the sculpture park, LNS has partnered with deCordova Learning and Engagement to explore the possibility of designing

Where has Brad gone?

The happenings seen through the windows of Studio Yellow are a source of fascination to the children.  We witness sculptures being trucked in and out,

Cutting, Punching, Taping

We’ve been busy as bees! Hole punching, cutting with scissors, and learning to use the tape dispenser, all independently.

Integrating with the wider community

On Tuesday, we welcomed a group of elderly visitors from The Commons. We gathered with Studio Red to listen as they read some beloved stories. 

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