Do they even have a name for it?

Viewing the installing and deinstalling of a work offers us a unique lens through which to view the artist.   That is, it creates an opportunity for us to enter into the vision and the process of an artist.  It brings us closer to and connects us with them.   Perhaps, we even see ourselves through them and their efforts. 

Last week we watched the deinstallation of Sheila Pepe’s work.  We then headed out into the park and happened upon Elizabeth Tubergen installing her sculpture in the park with her friend, Erika.  They graciously shared their time with us.  Elizabeth let us know that we would be able to climb and touch her work.  We then introduced them both to one of our favorite spots in the park where we like to climb: Secret Tree! 

This week we headed back to the sculpture, to check on Elizabeth’s progress.  We spent time watching, talking about the changes we saw, and documenting her work.

“It’s going to look different, I saw it on the way in.”  Alex

“It looks like squares.” Violet

“They’re already working on it.” Alex

“It looks more sophisticated.” Avery

“We can climb on top of it.”  Mark

“Because Erika told us.”  Alex

“I noticed not in the middle, it’s not hard.  There’s things you can climb on.”

“It wasn’t filled up with squares.”  Nico

“So we can climb and we don’t fall.”  Mark

“Yeah, so we can put our hands inside the things.”

“Blue on the black.”  Parker

Sophie's drawing
Sofia's drawing
Elliott's drawing
Callen's drawing

“[I think it will take] 21 days.” Nico

“That will not be true cuz it just needs the blue.  Maybe it just goes right there and she lifts that thing onto the blue.  It might be soft.” Parker

“I found out about something walking around.  They make it so kids can climb on it so it’s funner and easier.  Sculptures you can’t touch, it’s kinda easier.” Charlotte

side view of sculpture and front view of sculpture by Violet
Eleanor's drawing

“The things at the bottom are for balance and the things are to put your feet on.” Charlotte

“I drawed a picture and writed notes on what they’re doing and why those things are on there.” Charlotte

“I made it when the blue thing is on.” Sofia

“Maybe we can walk through [the middle].” Alex

“Do they even have a name for it?” Violet

“Oh, so you’re sewing!” Alex

“Eventually you can sit on the blue part.”  Elizabeth

“Maybe you can go under or you can plop and go right down!”  Alex

“You made a really cool choice of sculpture.”  Charlotte


Charlotte's drawing

“My name has Elizabeth inside of it.  Charlotte Elizabeth Buchthal.”

“Oh, what name do you go by?” Elizabeth