Studio Purple, week 2

“When are we going to get more colors?”


As you may remember from last week we questioned,

What ways do children discover how to create new colors?

Giving Tessa a jar, she begins mixing some of the offered colors, red, blue, and yellow.  She mixes them together to make a new color.  

“It’s making black.  Actually it’s dark blue.” (mixing all three colors together)

“Now it’s making green.”

“You’re going to need a cap for this one.  I made it blackish-blueish.”

While she’s mixing, Emma, who is painting at her side, is curious.  

“Can I see?”

Tessa is happy to show her the new color and then offer it to her to use.  Tessa then decides to make a different color.  Being given a new jar, she chooses red and yellow.

“It looks like


“You know it, so that’s why I keep doing whatever you do.”  


Witnessing Charlie with Sam, we wonder…

How do we show someone we want to be with them?

Alex and Charlie Kelly are drawing at the drawing table.  Charlie says that Alex is copying him. It is clear from his smile and eagerness to continue that he is happy about this. 

“What are you doing?…The same.”


“Then do the same, Charlie!” 



Ask us about the stories we read…


“It’s a fire hydrant. It goes to the top so the water can go everywhere.” JACK
“Yeah, maybe that’s how the rain goes.” ALEX
“I think it’s an oven.”  CHARLIE MENKE
“Food can’t fit in it!” ALEX

“Maybe it’s a fire place.” AMELIA
“If there’s a fire in the house it sucks in the fire.” JOHANN

“It’s a Fire Hydrant Oven!”