Studio Purple, Week 1

Studio Purple enjoyed a wonderful start to our new school year,   beginning with each child contributing a flower to create our bouquet.  As you can see, we’ve already begun a beautiful and colorful community!

We look forward each week in sharing with families our noticings through images, questions and periodically, stories.  It is our hope that families will share time together viewing our blog and discover alongside their child the wonderings and explorations that form our experiences.  This week we offer some snapshots of a group venturing to know one another and making discoveries in their new environment.


Luca is painting at the easel.  While he is only offered red, yellow and blue he has other colors on his painting…

Charlie Kelly is twirling his paint brush along it’s side, carefully watching how his paint glides in wave like strokes…


What ways do we discover how to create new colors?

How do we explore making marks with tools?



Zack explores the magnifiers at our Nature bench.  He first places it up close to his face and asks, “Look!  Do I look bigger?”  He later states, “When you are close, you are looking bigger!”

Jack is exploring using the eye droppers with water.  He squeezes the dropper in the water and watches as his dropper fills with water when he slowly releases his grip, “You fill it to the top.”

Alex and Charlie Kelly are playing together with water and the eye droppers.  As they pass squirts of water into each other’s containers Alex remarks, “Did you know these are magnets?” (noting how the containers “stick” to the mirror via the water)

How does play resulting with discoveries help us begin to make sense of our larger world?

Sam and Charlie Menke are playing together in the block area.  I notice a pathway of blocks and ask them about it.  Sam says, “It’s a rollercoaster.”  He leaves and gets his summer book to show Charlie the photo of the roller coaster he went on this summer.

Kyla and Amelia choose to begin at the drawing table together.  Kyla remarks, “Amelia wanted to color with me.  Cause she’s my friend.  Next I think we should paint.” To which Amelia replies, “Together!”

Lea begins her day drawing.  She has drawn a person next to a house.  She points to her drawn figure, “Lea.” 

Emma joins Sam with clay.  She seems unfamiliar with it.  When she asks, “What is this?” Sam replies, “It’s clay.”  Emma then offers, “Oh!  I have playdough at my house.  This clay is…it’s sticky!  I have playdough at my house and it’s slimy sticky!”





How does play with materials help us connect with one another?




Although Johann had missed our first few days together, the children were very much aware of his place in our community.  Sitting for music with Mark on Friday, the children were quick to point out that we were missing him “…because he was sick!”


Amelia is busy painting at the easel.  She is informed that she will need to finish up to have some snack before our morning ends.  She ponders, “I’m usually hungry.” 

“…When my mom asks me how my day was, I’m going to say good!”