Letter of Intention

Dear Studio Purple Families,

At Lincoln Nursery School we see all children as curious, caring and competent citizens with rights.  We see them driven to connect and believe they are eager to be seen and understood. With these core values, we seek to nurture their meaning making by having school be a place where children and adults explore the relationships between themselves and others — people, materials, ideas, and our world at large.

This year, as a whole staff, we are exploring this meaning making through the lens of visibility.  We value looking closely and seeing the world through new perspectives.  Taking the intention to see its broadest sense, we will reflect to make sense of our seeing and share our vision with others, returning to revisit and reconsider our initial interpretations.

Our role as members of an educating community is to practice this process of seeing.  What is visible to us? What is hidden? How do we expand our perspectives to better understand?

To guide our study in visibility this year, we know that children work in a variety of ways to make themselves seen.  We are choosing to focus our intentions on the following questions:

How do children make themselves seen and where do they hide?  And how might hiding make children more visible?

How do we use this understanding as we figure out who they really are?

We hope this preview of our intentions provides a window into our research for the year ahead.  We look forward to sharing our experiences and stories with you throughout the year.

Wendy & DJ