Feb. 24, 2020

We’re Gathering Together

Magic Penny


Ants Go Marching – we did various motions along the way for an added challenge!

3 Green & Speckled Frogs

Mackenna sang “I had a little frog whose name was Tiny Tim,” and after she finished we all sang it again, with her.

No More Pie

Draw the Circle Wide

Yoga Pretzel Cards – we did poses from these “Yoga Pretzel Cards” that Barefoot Books sells (mountain, warrior 1 & 2, river, and we also did the sculpture Eve, but this time I had them move, transferring the apple/ball/pomegranite from one hand into the other and changing their legs, putting the apple on their head, take it off and take a bite. After taking a bite, we planted a seed from the apple, and sang Inch By Inch. Suki held her head in her hands, saying she was a flower, and other people became flowers, too, rising up out of the ground, which inspired me to play Little Plant.

Time To Move On