No More Pie

This is a departure from a call and response song that I originally learned from when my child took Music Together. It’s great for helping children understand rhythm, not only musically, but in literacy, by identifying syllables. I sing a phrase, and the children sing it back. We might clap the syllables to accentuate the rhythm. I’ve, and the fun part is making up new kinds of pie. I’ll start off simple:
    Oh, my             (children respond: Oh, my)
No more pie    (No more pie, etc.)
I repeat this a few times, then I might go into different kinds of pie.
Chocolate pie, Strawberry pie, Coconut pie, Mincemeat pie,
Apple, Pecan, Butterscotch, Gooseberry, Popcorn, Sweet potato…
Or I’ll extend it by singing their names, which they usually love:
Margaret pie, Jonathan pie….

Later one, we might sing silly kinds of pie, some of which I found on the internet (million dollar, sunshine, lemonade are a few). Please don’t give these away! I want them to be a surprise for the children.
grasshopper              lemonade
crazy                           sunshine
sleepy                         sweetie
bowlingball               mud
meatball                    bellybutton
goodguy                    badguy
lightning                   thunder
rainbow                    bananasplit
milliondollar           secret
macadamia             hairdo
submarine               octopus
dolphin                     scuba diver
seaweed                  tuna fish
bowtie                      polkadot
smellysock             snowsuit
fuzzymitten             overalls
sneaker                    lipstick
sunglasses              telephone