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Oh, that was a good one.

  We gathered together on the rug at the end of a busy morning. Kesler was holding this book in his hands. Diane asked him


Building Conversations

After spending a few weeks building houses with legos, we have shifted to straws and connectors and the children have been very busy. The different


That’s Not Drippy Droppy!

At our second meeting, before snack, we always play our Face Game. For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, we have cards with

“You have to move your legs!”

Caroline and Kaya have just come in from playing outside in the snow. They are working very hard on getting their snow clothes off so

What does a conversation look like?

  “Like a circle. Two people inside a circle, like a hurricane.”–SYLVIE In Studio Purple, we’ve been thinking about conversations, wondering what they look and

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