What does a conversation look like?

"Like a circle. Two people inside a circle, like a hurricane."--SYLVIE

In Studio Purple, we’ve been thinking about conversations, wondering what they look and sound like.  We seeded this idea last week when we asked the children to draw a picture of what a conversation looks like.

"It's when you go home." SPENCER

This week, we spent time in small groups and talked about conversations.  We wondered…What does a conversation look and sound like?  How many people are needed to make up a conversation?  How do you know when it’s time to listen?  Have we ever had any conversations in Studio Purple?

"Conversations are when you talk in important ways...They (people) sit in chairs and draw what they say." LIAM
"It means talking, like meeting." MARGOT
"It’s where you sit on a rug and you have meeting and you talk about stuff." MADELINE P.R.
"It's a lot of people talking about something." HENRY
"It's when people talk altogether." HANNAH
"Yeah, you could have a conversation with one. Just talk to yourself." LIAM
"You always have to speak quietly so people can actually hear what you’re saying." MADELINE P.R.
"Conversations go here and then here and then here...They go forwards and backwards and forwards. Then it goes forwards and then backwards." LIAM
"It's a conversation only if they’re having a circle.  They have to be in a kind of shape."  HENRY
"You are suppose to be in this shape to have a conversation and you’re suppose to talk the way you are suppose to talk and you’re suppose to be sitting down." SPENCER
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We look forward to continued conversations…