“You have to move your legs!”

Caroline and Kaya have just come in from playing outside in the snow. They are working very hard on getting their snow clothes off so they can join the others playing inside.

Kaya begins to struggle and he soon becomes frustrated, letting out several groans. 

It sounds like someone needs help.

Caroline: I think he’s trying to tell us, help help! I think he’s trying to say ayudame!

Ayudame…help me.

Caroline: I think he’s trying to say ayudame!

Are you trying to say ayudame, help me?

Kaya, feeling frustrated, can only express himself by whimpering.

Caroline: I think he needs ayudame.

Yes, that means help me in Spanish. Are you trying to say help me, Kaya?

Caroline: Ayudame, ayudame! Ayudame, ayudame!

Are you trying to say help me? Or are you telling us something different? Do you need to go to the bathroom? Are you hungry?

Kaya: I need to take this off.

Oh! You need to take that off! Would you like me to help you?

Caroline: I need to take this off!

They both start to squirm around to get their snowpants and boots off.

You’re starting to figure it out.

You are figuring it out Caroline and you’re starting to figure it out Kaya.

Caroline offers some words of advice. You have to move your legs!

Kaya whines in frustration.

Caroline: Maybe if…I can help. Ok, can you…

Kaya: No I can’t.

Caroline and Kaya work together for a bit and then…

Caroline: I can’t do it. Sorry.

She goes to work on her own snow pants.

Kaya: I can do it.

Caroline: No, I can take my shoes off.

Kaya turns to Diane.  I can’t do it… so I need your help

Did you try?

Kaya nods yes

You tried.

Caroline: And I did it!

And you tried!

Caroline: I did it.

And you helped Kaya. 

Diane shows Kaya how to take his boots off first and then he will be able to get his snowpants off.

Kaya gives it a try.

Kaya: It worked, aha! Hurrah! I can do it!

Caroline: Now you need your shoes on, silly!

Caroline gets Kaya’s shoes from his cubby and passes them over to him. Are these your shoes?

Kaya: I think so, yea. I want to wear these. 

“Our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent and, most of all, connected to adults and other children.”      -Loris Malaguzzi