A Letter of Thanks

A Letter of Thanks

Dear Parents and Teachers,

I am grateful we share the beautiful drive through deCordova’s Sculpture Park.  The composition of sculptures in a natural setting offers inspiration and connects our community in unique ways.  I invite you to reflect on what inspires you as I share what inspires me. Let’s take an imaginary drive s l o w l y  through the park. Meet me on Sandy Pond Road and let’s drive together.

Looking to the left, the three colorful sculptures by Aaron Curry brighten my spirit in gloomy weather or on melancholy days. I am grateful for color and shape and the children’s language of naming one of the sculptures “Drippy Droppy!”


Now gaze to the right. On sunny days the light filtering through the gently blowing filaments of Pasture Song suggests carefree graceful movements.  I am grateful that we have freedom in our country and for children’s uninhibited frolicking.

Turn your eyes back to the left and look up at Lincoln’s
cascading, rusting cylinders perfectly fitting into the slope of the hill.

The brick sphere at the end of the lawn punctuates the engineering of it all. I am grateful for the endless times children and adults climb up the hill and roll back down, evoking that tummy tickling feeling and for the earth that grounds us.

As we follow the curve in the road, Listening Stone rests with its ear to the ground reminding me of the work for the day ahead; to listen, listen, listen to the children, my colleagues and parents.  I am grateful for the possibilities of what I will learn each day. One day, I learned from a child that Listening Stone, “hears the worms underneath the ground!”

 Two Big Black Hearts’ commanding and reliable presence speaks to me of stability.
I am grateful for the love and kindness in our community at Lincoln Nursery School.

Humming’s pensive presence, bordering the woodland yet close to the road, seems to trace our coming and going. Several years ago, I was walking in the sculpture park with Law and Lulu when they stopped to consider Humming, then described her:


The girl who hears everything


 The boy who hears one thing

I am grateful for the awareness of slowing down and wait time,

waiting for the surprise of what a child is thinking.

As we navigate the last curve in the driveway, the modern bird houses, designed by Nick Maynard a LNS alumni parent, rise into view from the wetlands. I am grateful for creativity and the awareness that every person little and big has an artist within.


Following the arrows into the parking lot, we pull into a parking space and walk toward LNS.
As I open the gate and we arrive at LNS,  I am most grateful for the feeling of home!

“Embodying and practicing gratitude changes everything. It is not a personal construct, it’s a human construct – a unifying part of our existence.”

– Brene Brown, Dare to Lead

Happy Thanksgiving!