We are going to decide which one to use. Ryan

A number of weeks ago the sandbox in the back playground became an active excavation site.

Trenches for pipes were dug for the water system. Specific depths were then dug around this system to accommodate the foundation. All this was considered to make ready for the building of a hotel.

The construction crew met together to formulate more concrete plans. After reading a book on how to build a house, the three crew members drew their ideas.

This is what we’ve done so far.  We have dug the foundation.  Ryan

We need all the sandbox.  Brooke

So how bout we make a mini foundation?  Ryan


So right now we have this. I’m drawing what we have so far.  Ryan

I’m making the steps.  Brooke

I’m making the elevation.  Graeme

Guys, I think we should put windows.  We need floors too guys.  BROOKE

I’m doing the numbers to see how high it is.  BROOKE

I don’t know if we’ll be able to do all this!  RYAN

It’s all the way up.  There are seventeen stories high.  Those are all decks.  That’s a lobby where people come into the building. GRAEME

The trench is underground and then the floor goes down.  RYAN

We are going to decide which one (plan) to use.  RYAN