“It has to be tall enough for us all to go in it.” Ray

Building within our hotel blueprint on the rug, Ray and Maren began to consider the height of the large structure under construction in our outdoor classroom. 

It has to be tall enough for us all to go in it. Ray

And so the teachers can go inside. Maren

It has to be that tall. Ray

Charlie joined Ray's work to figure out how many cubes tall the structure would have to be. They measured Emily to make sure teachers could fit.

Charlie thought to measure himself next to the length of blocks. He then was off to measure everyone in the studio with the tape measurer. Returning to the line of cubes, Charlie would ensure each child's height did not extend beyond the line.

Lyla's 26! Charlotte is 27! They can fit. Charlie

It is tall enough! It's taller than Emily is! Ray

Jane is 36. You are 42. Hey Ray, can Zaahra fit? She is 47. Charlie

Yeah! It's taller than Emily! Come on! Ray

Charlie and Ray brought their work back to the group at the end of the day. Knowing that "counting will take a long time," they wanted the group to join in the effort.

“Do you know how I was going around like crazy measuring all of you?  It was to make sure you can fit in the hotel.”


During the gathering some children began saying that as long as the structure was taller than Beatrice it would fit everyone. This began a discussion about the relationship between age and height.

Because Beatrice is the oldest kid in the class.  Arya

No, what about Ryan? I think Ryan is taller.  Charlotte