Children learn, children teach.

This is what I thought the hotel was gonna look like. If you look at one of the squares and then you look at the other one … 10i.  See?  10, i.  But, if you do like 12k … it goes to this square.

Charlie points to a letter at the top of the piece of graph paper.  He points to a number along the side.  One finger traces down the column and his other finger meets it by following across the row.

What’s that?  Is it a robot carrying all the fish?  Lyla

Why are all the numbers and letters here?  Arya

Where’s the swimming pool?  Chester

Do you have to do a hotel or can it be other things too?  Lauri

Is that robot kinda one of those guys in aquariums to get food for fish?  Sevi

What’s that little house thing in the middle? Birdie

So are the fish swimming into the tank to get back to the shore?  Jane

It’s an underwater sub.  H11.  Charlie

So I can find the squares easily.  So I don’t have to go 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 … it’s easier.  Charlie

There isn’t one.  Because it’s underwater.  The whole thing’s on a deck and there’s water under.  Charlie

It can be anything.  Charlie

It is an underwater sub that collects shells and brings them up. Charlie

That;s the tank so the fishes don’t get out.  You have to spin that to get in and then spin it back.  Charlie

That’s a dead fish if you’re asking.  Charlie

Maren holds a circular piece of black paper in her hands.  On one side, the outlines of other colorful circles seem to pop against the dark background.

Yesterday I was drawing and then Lauri drawed white circles with a pencil and I was like, “Lauri, can I add color?” and she said yes.


Is that made out of chalk or something?  Charlie

Did you ask Lauri if you could draw?  Lyla

     That was in the story.

     Were you listening?

     You have a broken ear.


Why are there not so many circles?  Arya

Why are all those circles different colors?  Sevi

No, pencil.  White pencil and then color.  Maren

Yes, I did.  Maren

I put the thin marker.  Maren

I don’t know.  You could ask Lauri that.  Maren

I wanted to make different colors.  Maren

Later at the drawing table...

We believe in the power of sharing the process. Such sharing invites thoughtful questions, critical THINKING, that can drive learning forward. Classmates help one another reflect on the essential questions of why and how. Children help each other consider work in new ways, make connections and revise.