I just so badly want to pour it on! Beatrice

A giant A frame constructed of wood and chicken wire was draped with our cloth walls. The children quickly discovered ways to apply color. New techniques and the reinvention of some old, were used with great joy!

Sometimes you can paint inside or outside.  Brooke

It’s red and orange.  I mixed every single color.  It makes it really cool.  Jane

I want to paint inside now!  Brooke

I can help you with that.  It’s right up my alley!  Chester

The wind makes kind of cool designs.

You're pushing down super hard in those holes. Those diamonds. Then you take it out and then you pull. Ray

Can I paint with this? Maren

Sticks work well. Brooke

Now they're (dandelion)out of paint. They only work for one. Ray

What happens if we paint inside a pucker? Big puckers! With this big pucker, I don't know what it's going to do. Five puckers in a row. Beatrice

I know, I'm going to get the stencils. I'm tracing the circle. I made a perfect circle! Chester

It’s a how-to. How to paint the walls!  Chester

Everybody stand back so we can see!  Brooke