Week of December 9th

On Tuesday we offered colored wax paper, scissors, tape and glue with a prompt to make trees for the characters in some of our favorite books.  Wesley, remembering how Big Wolf and Little Wolf climb the tree, made sure to add plenty of branches.

After making climbing branches, Wesley cuts up plenty of food for the animals.  Makenna folds blue waxed paper and adds it to a tree trunk. She then crinkles green strips of paper to make grass.

Stella decides to make magic wands by cutting the paper in half, rolling it up and adding a yellow star. She also demonstrates to other children how to draw a star. A bit tricky! We also try making triangles and glueing them together to make a star.  Then some magic and a bit of mischief begins to appear!

Makenna designs a book with waxed tissue paper and shares her story.  You have to go to the North Mountain to see the Kings!  Ellie adds on to Makenna’s idea, How about if Stella turns us into Queens?  Stella, what if you turn the grown-ups into frogs! 

On Monday in Studio Blue the children worked together to build a long, looping train track.  Moving in and out of the train area to other spaces in the studio the children negotiated how the track should be built, which engines and carriages to play with and ‘train jams’.

Amelia  Four people live in my castle and these are the silver steps to get inside the castle.

Wesley and Nina work on a school together, as they gather and organize their supplies. We are the teachers!

On Friday morning, Suki and Charlie construct buildings and enclosures with the puzzle blocks. 

Charlie and Lily work on space puzzles and then switch puzzles when they are finished.  Wesley figures out the assorted tree puzzles.

During Early Arrival, Thomas asks if we can make airplane tickets, like we did one time before.  We make plans to follow through with this plan in the afternoon.   Using letter, number, compass and ticket stampers and ink, Thomas quickly sets to work making airplane tickets.  You’re going to Doorbay California, so you need two tickets. It’s going to take one night to get there. Actually, besides that plane also you only stay for two minutes and then you have to come back and take another plane. You have to come back to me to get another ticket. Oh NO your plane leaves in two minutes!


I need a ticket, actually two tickets!  I’m going to New Hampshire. Thank you Thomas! This is the one I’m actually taking. – Kaya        In the meantime, Wesley and Miles set to work building their plane. These are the jets. The pilot sits here. – Wesley  We are both pilots. Really, there are two pilots! – MIles