Week 22

It was impossible to resist the beautiful early Spring day on Monday, so we headed outside as soon as we could to enjoy the warm sunshine.

On Tuesday we spent time exploring Fimo clay.  The vivid colors were very appealing.  There was also lots of exciting story telling as the children drew pictures with maps of treasure being guarded by an octopus, hidden gems, mean people to get past and a set of robots. 

Thursday afternoon saw a return to the Fimo, pieces made previously had been ‘cooked’ and made into jewellry.  The swirling colors reminded us of the planets.  Will F. was working at the table and noticed a painting one of the Studio Yellow children had painted in the morning.  “I like that painting!  Who did that?  It’s pretty.  It has orange, lime green and purple and blue.”  
Families of animals gathered together, the children shared easily.  ‘I have some, you have some’, said Eva, ‘Is that enough?  Now we’ve both got four.’  Emma took her sheep, ‘This is a mom, actually, it’s a sister because it’s bigger than the babies.’

Wesley asked to make a book. He wanted to know how to draw an ‘o’.  Lily demonstrated.  Wesley spoke aloud as he wrote ‘o, o, 1.  I wrote 100!’  ‘Now write the story, A long time ago, a 100 ago….’