911 – Emergency!

Without doubt the most exciting thing to happen this week was the visit from the Lincoln Fire Department on Thursday afternoon.  We were playing in Studio Yellow when the fire alarm went off.  It is very, very loud.  The children responded perfectly and left the building quickly, quietly and safely.  The weather was cold and wet, and we didn’t have coats so we went into Studio Purple to play while we waited.  Alex and Charlie enjoyed showing off their studio to the younger children.  The deCordova alarm system is connected to the Lincoln Fire Department and it wasn’t long before the firefighters arrived.  Everything checked out, it was a false alarm!  That meant we were able to say hi and chat with the firefighters before they left.  “But I like it here”, said Wesley who had been having fun exploring a new studio.
The children can all be proud of how well they responded and listened to the grown-ups in a scary situation.  Great job!  All the fire drills pay off!

The Studio Red children were wondering what was happening and why the fire fighters were in Studio Yellow so after leaving us they went over to talk to them too.
Many thanks to the Lincoln Fire Department for their quick response and for taking the time to talk to the children before leaving.