They live on a Lighthouse

Charlie begins her morning experimenting with a parachute. Then she arranges a collection of rocks and slowly parachutes a family, one by one, down to each rock. This is the big sister’s bed, the baby sister’s bed, the brother and Mom and the Dad’s bed. They live on a lighthouse! They live in water. 


Charlie’s play intrigue Marky and Miles. 

Where is the water?  Marky

The rug is the water. They live in water!  Charlie

But how do the people get to the lighthouse?  Marky

They take an airplane. Charlie

So is it an island? So where is the island? Where is the water? Marky

The rug is the water, and the rug is the island too. Charlie

They live in the water?  Miles

Miles starts to bring over some blocks and makes a suggestion. So the beds don’t sink so what if we put these here, so these beds don’t sink? Charlie is pleased with Mile’s idea, and they work together to build the lighthouse on the island on the water.


Oh oh there are gaps, water is going to get in the gaps. Marky

Miles carries an assortment of blocks over and experiments with different combinations until he is satisfied, and then adds the enclosures.

There are no more gaps! Charlie

All the gaps are gone! Marky

Now that the lighthouse is complete, Charlie places each family member back on their rock beds.  By listening to Charlie’s ideas, and asking clarifying questions the children worked together to illustrate her thinking.