Afternoon Helpers

We were so fortunate to have DJ’s daughters, Cadence and Montana join us for the afternoon! They started the day helping in Purple class, and transitioned comfortably and naturally to our Stay and Play group.

The children were captivated in listening to Cadence read Harold and the Purple Crayon and Trouble with Trolls.  Many other stories were read by our patient and expressive visitors. When Charlie wanted to read a different story Montana offered to read it to him on his mat. The Purple class children were especially comfortable with Cadence and Montana!  As we settled down for rest time, and children were arranging their blankets and stuffed animals, Montana had a LNS memory “Oh yeah, now I remember rest time!” 

Cadence and Montana listened to the children’s ideas and added their voice to the construction of obstacle courses and barriers for the Hex bugs. 

Tait, Wesley and Cadence use mats to problem solve a new course for the Hex bugs. It was quite fascinating to see the dynamics at work with older children playing and working with the younger children. The give and take felt natural and the children were very eager and receptive to sharing ideas and suggestions.

When one mat comes out, this is often the start of other children also being interested in mat construction! Soon two houses were being built. Then a suggestion was made (I think by Montana?) to join the houses together to make one big house! Soon we had one big house, with pillows, toys and books. This began another cozy time of reading stories with the girls! 


Thank you Cadence and Montana for being with us on Tuesday! We had a wonderful afternoon!