Princess Little Batwing

Lately, Little Batwing has had some struggles with her behavior…

Ada Little Batwing’s been jumping on my head, being SO MEAN, and eating candy before dinner!     Margot Well, sometimes teenagers don’t do good decisions. Ada Like eating candy when we are on vacation. Maddy, or when you are not looking. Ada Yeah, like when we go on vacation, she eats ALL the candy in the house, sneaking it, right? Maddy, sneaking it, like the candy you are saving for trick-or treaters. Ada Batwing be so mean that she is in time-out every day! Right to bed Little Batwing without supper tonight! Margot Is Batwing a teenager? She was a teenager, briefly, last week. Ada Little Batwing is not a teenager. She is like a little kid. I want candy for dinner, yum, yum, yum. Margot has an idea, I’m going to make the healthy stuff TASTE like candy, and LOOK like candy. Pretend I trick Little Batwing and make the healthy stuff look and taste like candy! You use this! Margot holds the shiny paper for all to see. Ada Glitter for shiny candy, right? Maddy For the wrappers you make shiny wrappers. This is her food we are making right now. Margot We are making candy wrappers to trick Batwing to eat healthy stuff!

Ada I am making, actually, a crown for myself, because I am being SO NICE to Little Batwing.  Margot For who? Ada For myself! Because I am being so nice to Little Batwing. Batwing can’t have a crown! Ha ha ha, I’m the boss of the crown because I am the fairy here! Margot Me too! Maddy Me too! Ada The magical things here are like the animal things.  Maddy Unicorns have horns, so that is a magical thing. Ada Yeah, yeah, the  magical people are the bosses of the crown!  Margot I’m also a magical person. Maddy Cause we don’t let Batwing have treats, we trick him.  Margot We trick her, not him, she is a she. Ada She is allowed to have treats whenever she wants, because I am the Queen! We are the bosses of her, so we are the bosses of Little Batwing!

Maddy, Margot, Sylvie and Ada continue to work on making crowns. Sylvie I like these shiny ones, the blue ones. Margot We need this one to make golden apples. Margot finds the gold paper and apple hole puncher. Golden apples inspire more ideas!  Maddy What color does Batwing like? Ada Pink, she likes pink! Maddy Is there any color that she loves? Ada Purple!  Maddy Does she like blue flowers, golden apples? Ada Yeah, she likes every color actually. The golden apples make her be good. When she is good she gets a crown, right?  Margot Here are the golden apples! Sylvie I am a boss too. Ada Yeah we are ALL bosses. The golden apples make her be nice. When she’s nice she gets a crown, right? Margot completes Little Batwings crown. Now she is Princess Little Batwing!