Travers choses a dump truck to haul wood blocks. I’m building a garage. Travers carefully balances various size blocks and moves his vehicle slowly across the rug. Wes, observing Traver’s plan, finds a dump truck to haul more wood.

Wes finds an additional use for the trucks. I’m bringing the animals to the zoo!  Kaya notices a picture of a bright orange circle nearby. My animals are going to that planet! I need to go to that planet! By doing a pretend rocketship. 

Jonah I’m making a bridge. Jonah places the blocks together at an angle. Then he works on building the railroad track with the help of a digger. This digs up the dirt  so there can be tracks. Danger, danger the track is not done!

Louis and Jonah bring their cars over to the magna-tiles. Louis We’re going to make a house for our cars, right Jonah? Jonah Yeah, right for both of our cars, right?

On Ruthie’s first afternoon at Stay & Play, she constructed a fire truck, with three firefighters. She popped them in the truck, and then pulled each one out, 1,2,3!