How to draw a Grandpa

Ellie was busy at the easel, trying out the gel crayons.  Smoother than a traditional crayon but not drippy like paint, and with a big selection of vibrant colors Ellie began her drawing.  Standing close by one couldn’t help but hear Ellie’s commentary as she began to draw.  She had decided to draw a picture of her Dad. “That’s my dad”, she says, “I’m drawing his beard, he has lots of fuzzies.”  Standing back to look at her progress something prompts her to change her mind.  “It’s PoohBah right now.  That’s my grandpa!”

That’s me I think, when I was a baby. My eyes, that’s my tongue. Now my teeth.
Now I’m using this color. I just need some feet. My grandpa can carry me.
Ears! Grandpa has big ears, I have little ears.
I’m coloring in my heart…my mom’s gonna love this!

Wesley has been watching Ellie and comes over to the easel.  He picks up a yellow crayon and asks Ellie “Do you like yellow?” before beginning his own drawing.

This is a BIIIIIG face!
If you don’t have ears you can’t listen to stuff.
It's a Grandpa face. He needs legs.
This is the hair. Oh, he has eyes. This is one eye…this is his nose and his eye, he needs a mouth.
This is his mouth. It goes from here to here!
His arms go long. Very long. This arm will be shorter.

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child – Pablo Picasso