Cat Museum

During the Extended Day program, the children have the opportunity to play with children from all four studios. It is wonderful to observe the  developing friendships! With the mixed age group, we observe children showing empathy and understanding, and taking on various roles based on another child’s needs. 

Cal intently observes Margot building with the Wedgits.

Margot pretends that her two cats are building.  We made the magnificent treasure box in the most beautifulest museum! We will open it!  Margot reveals the hidden gems underneath her structure. Cal builds next to Margot and hides a gem at the bottom of his creation.

Cal  There’s something in my treasure box!

Cal moves on to another activity, and Margot continues to build on her Cat Museum idea. Jonah joins her at the light table.

Margot  This is a Cat Museum! This is where I (cat) sit every single day, on the most precious gems. We (cats) are in charge! Jonah, interested in Margot’s idea builds a tall structure.  My gems are going to the museum to practice. They are practicing! All the gems go down here. Is this the office?  Margot No, that’s where they keep all the gems. Jonah Where can I keep mine? Margot offers to share space in her basement. You can put them inside there if you like They’ll take great care of  all of them. They love gems! 

Jonah offers an additional building plan. Don’t forget these, to make it so tall. Margot This is so tall! I’ll take care of that. I’ll sit on it to take care of it. Can we keep this for a seat? Jonah Sure! Margot’s cat sits on top of the very tall museum. Wes comes along and builds nearby. He observes that there are a scarcity of the smallest Wedgits.  I need some too. I need some to fit here. Jonah They’re stored now in the museum. Margot Cats are in charge, this is the boss!  Wes asks again, But I need some too. Margot offers a solution. Our extra gems are down in the basement, that’s where we store things. I need to go down there.  It takes some careful maneuvering, but Margot retrieves some gems and hands them to Wes. Margot This is where the cats store all their stuff. I am the boss of the cats. The cats are the boss of the museum! On visitor days you (cat) take care of them. I only do the tours for friends and Kitty does all the other visiting day tours.  Ada comes along with two bats, Princess Little Batwing and Sparkle Wing, and asks, What’s this?  Margot replies, It’s the Great Gem Museum!  Princess Little Batwing and Sparkle Wing fly around the museum with great excitement!  Ada sings, Fly, fly fly….fly, fly, fly…