Carrot Spaghetti

Ursula begins her morning, playing with rabbit finger puppets. 

I am going to make spaghetti! You get all the carrots in the neighborhood and you bake them. These are how many carrots I buy each day. Can you believe I have so many? Ursula offers some to her rabbit. Thank you! Thank you, I love some carrots!  Ursula offers some to a second rabbit. Me too! Me too! Thank you for the carrots.

Charlie arrives and sits at the table with Ursula.

I am making spaghetti! Carrot spaghetti for rabbits. Would you like some?  Ursula

No, no I would not like spaghetti. I only eat water.  Charlie arranges the flowers on the table. I’m a baby flower.  Charlie then discovers the yellow chicks. Peck, peck, peck…peck, peck, peck. Oh I need bird seed. I don’t need carrots. Oh there are flowers! I will get seeds from the flowers! Tweet Tweet Tweet, we like flowers, seeds seeds seeds!

Ursula finds the other chick. Yummy, we like flowers, yummy seeds! Where’s our Mommy? I was bringing a flower home to share with my Mommy. Tweet, tweet where is my Mommy?

Ursula and Charlie go over to the telephone table. With their chicks talking into the phones they call their Mommy. Come home Mommy. I love you! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Mommy’s coming home! Yeah!