While We Are Away

Welcome to the While We Are Away page, highlighting our all school offerings for distance learning and connection:

—  Monday and Wednesday Morning Invitations by Kjerstin and Karen

—  Story Share (new stories are added periodically!)

—  Ideas to Support your Daily Rhythm offers external resources

—  The Studio blogs continue to be a place for connection with                     prerecorded music with Mark and newsletters from teachers

—  An email will be sent each Friday from your teachers, previewing the       next week’s offerings with links to Zoom meetings

On Mondays and Wednesdays, Karen and Kjerstin will offer an exploration.

We’re going on a picnic!

It is almost the end of the school year and this will be our last invitation.  As we talked about this we found ourselves both

A Time for Quiet

Some Yoga Poses        Mountain            Tree      Waterfall    Seed or Rock          

Water Play

Do you like the warm weather we have been having?  What do you like to do when it’s warm?  What do you wear?  How is

Moving Outside

Hello!  The weather has been so beautiful and now Spring is really here it is warmer so we are going to move outside and add

Sharing Stones

Would you like to make a grid and do some counting?  You can decide how many lines you want to make going across and down.

Gathering Stones

https://vimeo.com/419721884 I wonder what you will find if you go for a ROCK WALK around your home? Will you find rocks in your yard, hidden