Story Share

Here is a list of stories read by LNS faculty. Click on the story to listen and watch!

Sebastian Lives In a Hat, read by Wendy

The Little Book, read by Wendy

See You Soon, Moon, read by Wendy

I Am a Cat, read by Lauri

Karen’s book (untitled), read by Karen

If You Want To See a Whale, read by Lauri

The Giving Tree, read by Sue

On Mother’s Lap, read by Emily

I Don’t Want To Be a Frog, read by Karen

The Searcher and Old Tree, read by Mark

When Sophie Gets Angry, read by Mark

The Color Monster, read by Mark

A Pocket For Corduroy, read by Alice

Owl Babies, read by Alice

The Trouble With Elephants, read by Alice

Spring’s Sprung, read by DJ

Rose’s Garden, read by DJ

Quacky Quack Quack, read by Sue

Up In the Garden and Down In the Dirt, read by Emily

What! Cried Granny, read by Karen

Birdsong Lullaby, read by Wendy

Zig-Zag the Bee, read by Wendy

And Then It’s Spring, read by Kjerstin

The Town of Turtle, read by Lauri

Tumble Bumble, read by Alice

Little Beaver and the Echo, read by Alice

Mr. Gumpy’s Outing, read by Alice

Frederick, read by Sue

Counting Our Way To Maine, read by Sue

The Golden Egg Book, read by Nancy

A Stone Sat Still, read by Lauri

Henri’s Walk To Paris, read by Lauri

The Island of the Skog, read by Nancy

Dear Mr. Blueberry, read by Cadence!

An Awesome Book of Love, read by Montana!

Flap Your Wings, read by Kjerstin

An Extraordinary Egg, read by Kjerstin

Goodnight Hearts, read by Mark

You Belong Here, read by Mark

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms, read by Alice

Egg, read by Mark

Look and Find books (two!), read by Wendy

(note to parents: this is 23 minutes long)

Wake Up, Sloth, read by Wendy

Smile!, read by Montana

Flight School, read by Cadence

On Monday When It Rained, read by DJ

Milk and Cookies, read by Kjerstin

You Nest Here With Me, read by Kjerstin

Quiet, read by Kjerstin

Joone, read by Kjerstin

Jabari Jumps, read by Mark

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, read by Alice

Scaredy Squirrel, read by Sue

The Little Plant fingerplay, with Nancy

Have You Seen My Duckling, read by Kjerstin

Make Way For Ducklings, read by Kjerstin

Mrs. Wishie Washie, read by Kjerstin

I Am Yoga, read by Kjerstin

You Are Light, read by Kjerstin

The Invisible String, read by Emily

When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree, read by Kjerstin

We’re Going On a Picnic, read by Kjerstin

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear, read by Kjerstin

All Kinds of People, read by Diane

It’s the Bear, read by Karen

May We Have Enough To Share, read by Diane