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Visiting the Museum With Your Child

Every day is a good day to visit the museum! The LNS faculty and the deCordova Department of Learning and Engagement gathered recently to discuss the children’s experiences with and reactions to the current Sheila Pepe exhibit. Over the course of our discussion, we found ourselves considering the museum through the lens of a parent. Here is what we have learned, collectively, through years of experience in bringing preschoolers to the museum. Each visit can be very brief – quick

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Article by Erika Christakis, Consultant and Former Faculty Member.

Take a moment to read Erika’s article: Why Is It Still So Hard To Give Young Children the Space and Time to Play? featured in the online publication DEY (Defending the Early Years). It’s short and sweet!

Mark Weltner Gives Talk at Wonder of Learning

Mark gave a talk on “Materials, Environments, and Small Group Work in a Reggio-Inspired School” on August 23rd and 28th at the Wonder of Learning, Wheelock College, 180 Riverway, Boston.

Opening the World from Me to We

Mark has published a short book on how the theme of storytelling impacted all classrooms during the 2016-17 school year at LNS. Click here to read it or buy a copy!

Read on for a sampling of recent blog posts from inside the studios…

“We made a city!”

When we last left off on the building and city thread, the children had just visited Saul Melman’s Best of All Possible Worlds sculpture (other

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A Letter of Thanks

Dear Parents and Teachers, I am grateful we share the beautiful drive through deCordova’s Sculpture Park.  The composition of sculptures in a natural setting offers

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Story Stones

Planning for the Woodland Walk is a joyful agenda item at a faculty meeting. Teachers suggest animals, insects, birds, fungus, elements in nature that the

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International Visitors

On January 23, 2018, sixteen kindergarten teachers and administrators from Nanjing China, participating in Early Childhood Education Professional Development: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and

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What does the imagination look like?

Learn more about how LNS and deCordova made children’s thinking visible: download the article “What does the imagination look like? Written by Emily Silet, deCordova’s Head of Educational Exhibits, this article first appeared in Exhibition (Fall 2016) Vol. 35 No. 2, and is reproduced with permission.

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Collaboration with Artist Stephanie Cardon

“What you’ll see today is the culmination of this collaborative effort. It’s really a one-to-one representation of the school, because each child painted a screen that’s roughly their size, and so you’ll see them stand together as a community, and then we’ll populate it…” – Stephanie Cardon

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