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How do children-in-residence encounter deCordova?

How do children-in-residence encounter deCordova?  This is a question the teachers in collaboration with our liaisons from deCordova’s Learning and Engagement staff will pursue as a project throughout this year. We’ve developed a range of questions to help guide our research. What are the children drawn to? What attracts their movements (whole body or hands), intriguing and stimulating them, and how? How do children experience changes to the park, new sculptures arriving and familiar sculptures leaving? What is our role

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LNS Meets Ashley Bryan

On October 7, 2016, Ashley Bryan, whose work was featured in a fall museum exhibit, met with Studios Purple and Red in a dynamic and interactive experience. He enthralled the children with call and response poems, songs, and a reading of Beautiful Blackbird. You can find this 93-year-old man’s extraordinary bio here.

Mark Weltner on Listening at Eric Carle Museum

Mark Weltner gave a talk on “The Importance of Listening In Play” at the Eric Carle Museum’s Summer Teacher Workshop, “Make Way for Play,” on July 18, 2016. Mark’s presentation followed a talk by Lella Gandini!

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Reading Tools

  We have found the concept of tools to be a wonderful way to engage children in their own learning processes. Tools of the mind,

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What does the imagination look like?

Learn more about how LNS and deCordova made children’s thinking visible: download the article “What does the imagination look like? Written by Emily Silet, deCordova’s Head of Educational Exhibits, this article first appeared in Exhibition (Fall 2016) Vol. 35 No. 2, and is reproduced with permission.

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Collaboration with Artist Stephanie Cardon

“What you’ll see today is the culmination of this collaborative effort. It’s really a one-to-one representation of the school, because each child painted a screen that’s roughly their size, and so you’ll see them stand together as a community, and then we’ll populate it…” – Stephanie Cardon

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Children as Scientists in the Natural World

This exhibition is designed to inspire visitors of all ages to take in the exciting natural world that surrounds us at the deCordova sculpture park every day using Lincoln Nursery School’s exploratory methods and discoveries as a starting point. Find it in the Square, alongside the deCordova Store.

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