Open Shut Them

Open shut them, open shut them
Give a little clap clap clap
Open shut them, open shut them
Put them in your lap
Creep them, crawl them, creep them, crawl them,
Right up to your chin
Now open up your little mouth (say AHHHHH!)
But do not let them in!
Some people put hands behind back here; I keep them on chin, then crawl from there…
Crawling, crawling, past your ears
Until your hair they find
Then like little birdies
Let them flutter to the sky
Falling, falling, falling, falling
Almost to the ground
Then we’ll pick them up again
And turn them round and round
(wheels on the bus motion:)
Faster, faster, faster… slower, slower, slower…
Stop! (clap)

I usually introduce this song by stretching my open hands in front of me and saying:
Open, open, open, open, open…
SHUT!             clamp them shut and pull them to your chest.
Open, open, open, open, open…
Hide!                hands behind back

I add other motions: chicken (flap elbows), hot dog (rub floor), shark (hands together as fin overhead), alligator, rainbow (move hands in arc overhead), ketchup (hit fist with open palm of other hand, like whacking a bottle), mustard (same as ketchup, but switch hands), yum (rub belly), owl (fingers like glasses over eyes), peeka-peeka-peeka-BOO (hands over eyes, then off), swim (crawl stroke with arms), dinosaur (stomp).

Sometimes I combine them:
Chicken hot dog flap one arm, rub floor with other
Chicken pirate hand over one eye, flap with other arm
Chicken shampoo scratch hair with one hand, flap with other
Pirate shampoo . . .