Real Artists

Jumping off from our visit with Ian McMahon and the children referring to him as a “real” artist, we wondered more about what this means.

“You know what to do and you make stuff fancy and you decorate everything you can see.” -Madeline P.R.

“You paint.” – Margot

“You make pretty things.” -Sylvie

“The paints are always really colorful and always different colors.” -Eleanor

How about the children?  Do they recognize themselves working similarly?  With our auction upon us, we took a moment to show them their work, now carefully presented.

“It’s one of our things!” -Quinn

“Some of our things.  I recognize it!” -Milo

“Yeah!  Me too! -many voices

“Lots of color!  Pretty!” -Ada

It surprised the children that their work would be brought up to the museum shortly.
“Forever?” -Sylvie
Informing them of our auction and the idea that their work would be bought by someone, discussion ensued about just what an auction means.

“I know what it means not just think I know!  People choose which one that they say.” -Nico

“I know!  If you don’t know…like if you don’t know which clothes you want, your mom can pick out 2 shirts and you can pick which one you want.” Eleanor
Like a choice.

“You have to have patience.  So you can wait.” -Sylvie

“It will be a Mom or a Dad or a grown-up.” -Madeline
Yes, someone will get one of these pieces. Your Moms and Dads will get a paddle with a number and they can hold them up as if to say “I’m interested in this!” and whoever goes up to the highest number will get it.

“My mom?” -Madeline P.R.

“It’s probably my dad cause he’s one of the tallest dads I know!” -Spencer

“Well my daddy can touch the ceiling of my home!” -Margot

As Nancy took our pieces to head up to the museum, “…from the artists of Studio Purple…” the children gleefully exclaimed,

“I’m an artist!”

Okay, so who is going to be the tallest?!