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Newsletter, Mar. 9-12

Dear Studio Blue, We learned about feelings. We tried out some new blankets for meeting time while we practiced being calm. A few of us

Newsletter, Mar. 2-5

Dear Studio Blue, We noticed you have been thinking about ways to take care of the baby dolls and your birds. You are finding materials

Newsletter, Feb. 24-27

Dear Studio Blue, We have been finding new ways to use the pipes together, creating many new things with clay, continuing to explore pine cones,

Newsletter, Feb. 10-13

Dear Studio Blue, We made musical instruments of all kinds this week! In the photo above, some of us were airplanes (see the music blog

Newsletter, Feb. 3-6

Dear Studio Blue, We had a great week together! You found new ways to work with materials, you noticed each other’s creations and found ways

Newsletter, Jan. 27-30

Dear Studio Blue, We had ghost stories this week! We imagined what we might see inside the silver car, or how we might decorate the

Newsletter, Jan. 21-23

Dear Studio Blue, Here’s what noticed this week… A hawk nest! Who’s behind the doors? Ice and Drills – (everybody did this) Fondly, Mark and

Newsletter, Jan. 13-16

Dear Studio Blue, We noticed so much happening this week! Taking Care… Augie, you starting building with the Legos. You said I’m making a bird

Newsletter, Dec. 9-12

Dear Studio Blue, Remember what appeared over the meeting area this week? Dax, you said It’s a cage, a green cage, and you also said

Newsletter, Nov. 25-26

Dear Studio Blue, It was a short week, only two days in Studio Blue, but we certainly fit in many activities and lots of fun!

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