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A visit to the cafe

As play in the bakery continues, children have been incorporating new ideas and themes. Production has been relocated and all items are now prepared on


“I don’t know how to draw why!”

With snow storms finally moving away and Spring beginning to make a stronger bid to arrive, we enjoyed a interruption-free week for once!  This allowed

Which one works the best?

Last Monday, Diane began work with a small group of three: Chester, Maren, and Brooke. She invited them to create a video about how to


“Are we going all the way to the top?”

On Thursday we took a small group into the museum to examine the work of another Screens artist, Penelope Umbrico. Her piece incorporates various types



Four year olds spend a great deal of time talking about “being friends” or “not being friends”.  In an attempt to understand their language, we

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