“If you ever see a rainbow, you might see a unicorn.”

The second of our small groups to meet this week was the rainbow group.  We kicked off our meeting by remembering back to our wonderings about rainbows, that it takes sun and rain to make rainbows.  We also took a moment to check in on the research that some members of the group were going to do.  Ada had wanted to ask Maddy what she knew about rainbows.

“If you ever see a rainbow, you might see a unicorn.”-MADDY

“Yeah!”-MADELINE and ADA

“But unicorns are not real.”-HANNAH

“Unicorns are real.”-MILO


The group wondered how we could see something that is real with something that isn’t real.  Do we see unicorns together with rainbows? 

“They’re both pretty.”-ADA

Does that mean we see them together?

“Yeah!”-MILO and ADA and HANNAH


So, with the sun shining, the group decided to head outside to make some rainbows and see if any unicorns appeared. We brought glasses of water, mirrors, and white paper, as well as clipboards to document our work.


We had good luck discovering rainbows, but no unicorns yet.  Perhaps next time!