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Extended Day


    Caterpillar                    Chrysalis                   Butterfly!!!  Sylvie noticed a

Today is the Woodland Walk . . .

  One morning — a surprise — our basket is not filled with choices. Rather, it holds six milkweed pods, each housing a scrolled message.

Reconstructing a Butterfly Habitat

  We are working together to recreate a powerful experience. Through myriad materials, we are inviting the children to share their understanding of the metamorphic


A Visit From Skip.

  Jane’s grandfather, Skip, came to share his butterfly collection with us. He shared stories and information. Through questions, observations, and drawings, we learned about


“I think he’s really ready to go.”

  “He’s flapping his wings. He’s trying to fly.” “I’m going to see the next one released!” CHESTER “We have to change the number again.”  Lyla


“It’s One of Ours”

“I just saw a butterfly.”–Sylvie Do you think it was one of ours? “I wish they could talk so they could tell us if they


Waiting for Wings

Our long awaited butterflies nestled safely in their chrysalises finally began showing signs of emerging. Watching closely as we wait… “Caterpillars make chrysalises and moths

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