Letters are everywhere!

Nature walks are often a time when we slow down, ponder and look at things closely.

Recently, the children have been noticing the different shapes that are prevalent within the natural world.  In particular how sticks are shaped like letters of the alphabet.

It's "J" for Jo Jo. - Alex
It's a "Y" tree. - Avery
It's an "I" or an "l". - Violet
An r. - Parker

All this thinking around letters and the abundance of fabric scraps within the studio gave Avery an idea.  “Let’s make the fabric into fabric letters.”  Her peers were up for the challenge.  Armed with their name cards they twisted and cut fabric to form the letters of their names and even some numbers.

Julia was thinking about our work around rainbows.  She decided to draw a rainbow and afterwards label it.  She narrated as she wrote the letters.  “There’s a different type of A (a).  An N is up down up.  I know a B – there is a B in my cousin Benjamin’s name.  Look Rainbow – that’s a very long name.”

As a school we do not follow a prescribed  ‘cookie cutter” curriculum.  We choose to follow the lead of the children.  When the children are excited about a subject their thirst for knowledge shows no bounds.  At the moment this thirst is around letters – whether they be found in nature, formed by a pen or imagined in fabric.  We wonder how letters will be imagined next?