Board Games

A recent morning meeting led to a discussion about different games the children played at home. Many children seemed familiar with a “wrecking ball” game around which there was much excitement.  We adults, exclaimed we did not know this game and asked the children to tell us about it.  It transpired that this was a game children played on a tablet.  Alas, we have no tablets at school. Hearing this, Avery was kind enough to announce she would bring her tablet in to share with the group.  However, as teachers, we decided we would go down the “old school” route and introduce more board games into the studio.

Board games are a fun way for children to learn a whole set of new skills.  They help children develop logic and reasoning skills as well as improve their critical thinking and spatial awareness.  Board games are a social activity.  The children need to communicate verbally, follow rules, share, take turns and generally get along with the other players! There are times when they can act, for example shaking a die, moving pieces around a board and other times they have to wait a turn and watch a friend act.  Whilst doing all this they are learning self- regulation skills both emotional and behavioral.  A great deal of focus and perseverance are necessary to see a game through to completion.

Computers and tablets will be a huge part of present day preschoolers lives but when it comes to games there isn’t the face to face interaction which is a vital component in developing human relationships.