It’s all about the process

Beginning early in the year, we observed a strong interest in building amongst our children. We have slowly begun to introduce a variety of materials with which the children can experiment with building in different ways. Snap blocks, duplo, links and blocks have been assembled in countless configurations. Looking closer, we’ve discovered that it’s not simply the building that is so intriguing to the children, nor is it the finished product, but rather the entire process of building and dismantling that is providing countless ways to experiment with these items. Children have been feverishly building, changing and dismantling as their ideas and needs change. 


What began as a circus with Magnatiles was repeatedly re-built as a window, a house, a boat and a castle. As each structure was knocked over or simply tumbled down, it was met with squeals of delight and shouts of “Let’s build it back up!” or “We’ll fix it again!”


A house for a sleepover was continually expanded and adapted to accommodate an ever growing list of interested guests!



A long, long, long, long flatbed quickly transformed into a machine for cleaning up – backing up to clean up lots of spare parts.



I’m making a ladder for a fire truck.  No – now it is a snake – this is the face and this is the tail.

When it came time to clean up, one small group was offered the opportunity to save the elaborate garage/house/bridge they had built with duplo to continue working on the next day. They responded with a quizzical look as if to ask, “Where is the fun in that?” A unanimous “NO” was followed by a quick removal of each and every piece of the structure.