How do slugs eat? A conversation.

The group conversation is a way for children to think together around one idea. It is a way for them to build off of each other's observations and to challenge existing understandings. While watching a carefully crafted video, we asked the children, "How do slugs eat?"

Well, I notice as they eat those little dots scoop it up and eat it.  Scoop it up and eat it.  Sevi

I think they have, have little teeth inside.  It makes it go really deep in.  Lyla

Those little liney things.  Lyla

I see the liney things!  Jane

It looks like it’s sucking.

I notice open and shut.  It looks like it gets bigger under his mouth.  Maren

I realized on the ground slugs, I thought they were sucking but they are actually eating.  Arya

I noticed around his mouth it gets whiter and darker.  Beatrice

I notice those two slugs that were brown. I noticed they had a monarch butterfly pattern.  Birdie

The first slug had all the colors, orange, black and white.  Orange in the mouth.  White in the mouth.  Black in the body.  Arya

I noticed after the fast one, one had tiger stripes.  Sevi

That slug was eating so fast!  Charlie

It reminds me of Charlie running!  Lyla

The speeding one reminded me of me doing a painting so fast.  Jane

We invite you to watch and formulate your own ideas!