“Let’s put the shadow on!”

   We continue to explore our curiosity around…


Finding our discoveries playfully through our knot tying inspired from Sheila Pepe’s work, Hot Mess Formalism…

“Look!  I’m making shadows!” -Addie

“I can even see your shadow!” -Ian

“I discovered something!” -Caroline

“Oooh!  Look!  Let’s see the shadow of it!” -Ian

Through our imagination…

“No!  It’s night!” -Case (placing projector’s light beam up to the ceiling)

“The sun is now nowhere and the moon is out.” -Case

“And this is an elevator.  You go up, up, up to the sun.” -Wes

“Yeah, this is a peculiar house!” -Case

As well as, through our continued small group visits to Sheila Pepe’s art…

“I can see my shadow here cause there’s even sun here!” -Ian

“(laughing) Noooo.  Hey, they can even connect!” -Miles (moving his hand shadow closer to Ian’s)

“Shadows can make dark when the light is turned on.  When you put your hand on the light.” -Ian

“I can even see the shadow of the hook!” -Ruthie

“I see a belly shape!” -Miles

“She tied some stuff together and made the stuff on the wall.” -Ruthie

“Yeah, like I see shapes there!” -Ian

“I see X.” -Ruthie

“…composed of both the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow).”

-Kumi Yamashita discussing her own artwork utilizing shadows