“I’ve never done the storybooks because I don’t know how to write letters” -Liam

Our interest continues in creating books containing stories within.  Sharing some of these books during whole group meeting, the children discovered the different ways each other is making their books.

Madeline R. and Henry share a bit about their books…

Does your book tell a story?

“Yes…I’ve been writing on the top first what it is.” -Madeline R.

“Mine won’t have words, but it will have a story.  After I’m done, I’ll put the words.” -Spencer

“It has a lot of things in it.” -Madeline R.

“There’s only one page!”                                             -Britton

“Mine too!” -Liam


Henry walks around showing his class the inside of his book depicting drawings and letters

“There’s more pages!” -Sylvie


Not wanting to share his story, Henry asks DJ to read his page…

“If people tell you the words in their book, you can’t understand it but if you (DJ) read it they can!” -Sylvie

Questioning Henry’s other pages, he responds…

“They’re different ones (stories).” -Henry

Interestingly, as the children noted how each book has the “author’s” name on it, a suggestion is made that perhaps there needs to be a photograph of them as well.

"So people who read their book they know they are real!" -Sylvie

The process of creating these books has also exposed the different ways the children are figuring out a important tool of communicating, writing letters.

Responding to how to make a W, “A backwards M.” -Henry

Responding to how to make a D, “It’s kinda like a turtle shell.” -Milo

Responding to how to make a C, “Like an O but not.” -Henry

“How do I make an I?” -Sylvie

“I know!  It’s easy.  (showing) You make a line down.” -Madeline R.

“No!  It’s a line with a dot at the top.” -Eleanor

“That’s a lower case i.  She’s showing me a uppercase.” -Syvlie

“How do you make a T? -Henry

“You make one line…” -Margot
“Down?” -Henry
“Down, then put another line across it.  Or you can make the one with the cross.” -Margot

Needing to next make a H, “That was the first letter I ever knew.  I got to know it when I was 2!” -Henry

Overhearing the need to make an N, “That’s so easy!  It’s easy to make.” -Liam

“Yeah, it’s up, down, up!” -Margot

 “I wrote QB!” – Quinn

“My Mom wrote my initials and Garrett’s on our ornaments.” -Spencer