Welcome to Extended Day! Week 1

After the 12:05 bell rings, we gather the children who are staying for Extended Playground, Lunch Bunch and Stay & Play. Then we play together on the back playground.  Since we have children from all four Studios, the children are developing new relationships and navigating new spaces.  Children have also expressed delight and surprise when they recognize a child from another studio that they have met before coming to Lincoln Nursery School.

Lunchtime is wonderful time for conversation, sharing ideas and learning about each other. There is an excitement and comfort about bringing your own lunchbox to school and having lunch together. 

After we read stories and have a quiet rest time, we spend the rest of the afternoon engaged in a variety of activities. Here are just a few!

Wesley and Charlie play a game of building and knocking down.  Then Wesley focuses on building and balancing his construction, and making it taller and taller.  Charlie asks, Can my robot knock down your building?  Wesley replies, No I’m not done yet. Now I’m all done. Yes! Yes! I am all done now!

 Next, Charlie decides to do some building. Alex asks Can my robot knock down your building?  Charlie replies, No, I’m not done yet.  Alex bends his robot in different positions. Look I can make it spin around!

Suki carefully selects blocks and sticks from an assortment of colors.   I like pink, purple and lavender. I like lavender the best.  Then Suki lines up the colors on the table.  What color do you like?  Kjerstin, I like the green ones. Suki chooses all the various green shades and hands them to me. Thank you!

Eva, Makenna, Charlie, Wesley and Alex play a new game together, called Red Light, Green Light. They help each other learn the rules and take turns. Makenna laughs everytime she gets a red light! Oh No, I can’t go! Eva puts the barricades in front of a duck and squirrel so they can safely cross the road.  I think we will be playing this game again soon!