Oh No It Falls!

Lila and Ellie arrange the animals in a circle. The Mommies and Daddies encircle the babies.

Let’s put the birds and foxes in there because they are the babies. The big ones are the Mommies and Daddies!  Ellie

Now, let’s build a house for them!   Lila

Yeah, this is the wall.  Ellie


Lila and Ellie begin their house placing blocks in a circular design, then they build in  horizontal and vertical directions. They work slowly and gently, as their hands are often crisscrossing each other’s.

In the meantime, Livia joins her friends. She builds vertically, more and more and more….until Woooahhh!!! 

Livia experiments again. See, two, flat, two, flat, now a long block, now two little blocks!  Livia balances the small blocks on opposite sides. She admires her work!

Lila and Ellie keep building and building a home for their animals, carefully, carefully until…. wooooahhh!!!

With the sudden toppling of blocks, Ellie, Lila and Livia joyfully shriek, and share a group laugh!

You know guys, we can build it again! Ellie