Flowers Designs

Felt flowers, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks were offered for exploration. Hannah made a flower and then wrapped it around her wrist. Look! I made a flower on my arm! Ada worked on attaching pipe cleaners. So you have to twist them. Margot demonstrated how to match larger and smaller flowers together and how to line up the holes to thread the pipe cleaner through one time. She then helped other children with her technique.

Quinn It doesn’t fit!  Margot I think you need two, because we’re the same age, so we have the same size head, probably. Quinn chooses another green pipe cleaner and adds three more orange and pink flowers and twists them together. It now fits around his head!

Margot works on her color schemes and designs. She then makes a small flower crown for her stuffed animal.

Ruthie admires herself wearing her crown in the mirror!