Extended Day – Week 18

Over the past two weeks, as the snow and ice slowly disappeared outside our windows we brought in some white materials: playdough, ‘floof’ and white paint.  Augmented with polar animals and cool-colored glass pieces the children squeezed, rolled and molded safe and cozy homes for the animals, They made animals of their own and created intricate patterns and designs. 

I’m making a face.  Ellie

 This is Rapunzel. She has really long hair.   Makenna  

The penguin has a coat on because he’s cold!  Amelia places a playdough coat around the penguins wings. Then Victoria and Amelia work on designing snowmen with hats and scarves.

Suki and Travers construct animal dens and use the gems to surround the enclosures. These are called Arctic Wolves. Travers

What does it (the Floof) feel like? 
I don’t know! – Linden
It boings back up when you put your finger in! – Stella
When you pull it and squeeze it and make it as hard as you can, it stays together.  Look! – Thomas

After reading The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, we investigated the various illustrations of snow, and discussed our observations. Afterwards we offered white paint with specks of red and blue, and a variety of objects for printing. We used potato mashers, wheel-like manipulatives, and playmobile people.

If you take a closer look at this snow painting, you may notice a handprint in the right corner. A carryover interest from Studio Yellow!