Solving Housebuilding Problems

Jamie built a frame for a house, and put some cars inside. Like this.

Then he started to make a roof. The blocks along the sides fit, but…

…when he tried putting blocks across the middle it was frustrating!

It turned out that there were two problems.

One was that the cars stuck up too far, so the roof ran into them.

Jamie solved this by taking out the cars and replacing them with wooden people. That worked!

The other problem was that putting blocks across the middle always fell down.

Jack tried to help, but he had the same problem!
Johann was called over for consultation.

Johann had a different approach, adding blocks in a different direction

It worked! He and Jamie covered the rest of the house.

There were some gaps that needed filling, and that took some negotiating, too.

After more additions to the roof, the house was complete!