One Thing Leads To Another

October 18th,
How cool!
He does it
a week

This Wednesday, when Sam creates this winch/pulley system again, Luca and Will are interested.



Asha’s father, Ian, writes down this observation:




It appears that Sam’s pulley system could also be used to rock a baby to sleep! 

On Thursday, Kyla and Ian want to get the CDs down from the light area. The CDs are hung from a short piece of fishing line with a loop on the end. (That will be important!)

Sam hears about this and comes over, wanting a CD too. Then Luca (and others).

Here’s where we get back to Sam and Luca’s interest in the sewing circles: both boys begin swinging the CDs, pendulum-like, to and fro.

Ian zips off with his CD to the music easel and tries hanging it from a bolt there (using the loop on the end). No luck, so he finds a puzzle piece with a knob on it: that works! He brings it over to the light area (to show Mark?). Luca sees Ian’s plan and tries it too.

Then Asha approaches Mark: she wants to tape her watercolor painting to the wall there.


Tape! What an attractive attacher!

Kyla decides that she needs tape too, to tape her CD to the wall. She asks Mark to hold the string (fishing line) up while she applies the tape. Sam and Luca are interested, too, and they manage to tape theirs to the wall, and again, push the CDs so that they swing like pendulums, as (dad) Ian had noticed the day before!

That sets the ball rolling. Soon many children are busy with tape. Kyla tapes items from the light table onto the flex cabinet divider, then Ian joins her. Asha sees a series of tape pieces in a row that Ian has made, and connects them, and Ruthie joins them, adding to the line as Asha continues it all the way to the end of the divider. Then Asha leaves, satisfied with her work.

Luca adds more “decorations” to the divider, alongside Kyla. When Amelia shows up, she adds all kinds of objects: magnifying glasses, flashlights, anything she can get her hands on! (It’s like a tape store! she says.)

After Kyla leaves, Ian covers her decorations completely with tape.