Hammering wooden golf tees into a big pumpkin has proven to be a much enjoyed activity in Studio Blue. 

Our pumpkin lasted through most of the week, but needed to be returned to nature on Wednesday. As a way to extend this interest, the pumpkin was replaced with blocks of clay. 

With both the pumpkin and the clay blocks, we see how many of the children quickly learned how to master this challenging fine motor activity. Through a combination of peer observation, practice, and intrinsic motivation, many children shifted from “I need help!” to “Here, I can help you!” 

We often heard language around working and this is my work. While they worked, children made cookies, had conversations, sang songs, asked questions and sometimes made a discovery.

  • Asha: I need more tools. 

  • Caroline: I’m making a cookie.

  • Kyla: I’m making a cookie too.

  • Caroline: I’m making a strawberry cookie. What are you making Kyla?

  • Kyla: A cookie.

  • Caroline: No, what are you…what color are you making?

  • Kyla: I’m making a (chocolate) cookie.

  • Asha: I’m making some more. I’m making a cookie. I’m making a chocolate cookie

  • Kyla: I’m making a pink one. Raspberry.

  • Caroline: I want this out…Maybe if you rip it? 

  • Asha: I…I maked sure they’re all safe. Yea, I’m making these are safe.

  • Kyla: They’re safe and me too.

What happens when you only use the hammer? Cal exclaimed, "Hey, look at this!" and Thomas and Travers quickly tried it out.

Or only use the tee?

How do you get these out?

Kyla begins to sing Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me.

Asha: Why you singing that?

Kyla: Because I like singing that.

Asha: I like singing b-i-n-g-o.

Kyla sings some more. It’s shoo fly.

Asha: I don’t like that song. I like b-i-n-g-o better.

Kyla: I like shoo fly better.



Here’s your cookie!