Why We Give: FAQs

Frequently asked questions about why Independent Schools need to fundraise.

My family already pays tuition. Why are we asked to donate as well?

Tuition does not cover the full cost of operating Lincoln Nursery School. LNS is a nonprofit independent school that relies on philanthropy to deliver its programming with quality and excellence. This means hiring and retaining talented faculty, small class sizes and low teacher-student ratios, beautiful spaces and materials, and professional development. We fundraise through the Fall Annual Appeal and Spring Gala in order to support the people and programs that make LNS special.

Where does my money go?

To deliver the rich experience LNS prides itself on requires resources, including:

  • Compensation and benefits to attract and retain our talented, dynamic, and compassionate faculty. Labor shortages – which are now being seen more widely in our communities – have been an evergreen challenge in early childhood education for years. Top quality staff are essential to create the full experience your child deserves and so ensuring LNS has the resources needed to support its faculty is fundamental. 

  • Time for faculty to document the day’s learnings and then meet as a team to plan and develop curriculum for the following day. Creating time and space for faculty to process the day and make sense of children’s interests and curiosities to inform the next day is the differentiator between LNS and another school. This is what makes us unique and what makes us excellent. 

  • Professional development and continuing education for staff. Our teachers are curious. They are constantly developing research questions, investigating the latest developments in the field, and deepening their understanding of children. 

  • Space and facilities Our home on the campus of deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum makes us unique and requires rent and periodic investments to support children’s needs and interests and ensure their safety. 

  • Financial aid is limited but available to any family at LNS. Early childhood education is fundamental to the healthy development of all children and if a family believes LNS is the best place for their child to grow and learn, the school is committed to supporting them financially, if needed. 

If the school was run more like a business would it not have to fundraise?

The school strives to run as effectively and efficiently as it can. In addition to the professional staff who run all operations of the school, LNS draws on the wider talents and expertise of its parent community through board and committee service. LNS operates as any small business does, but counts philanthropy as one of its revenue streams. We actively plan for and steward this resource to meet our annual budget.