We’re going on a picnic!

It is almost the end of the school year and this will be our last invitation. 
As we talked about this we found ourselves both looking back over the past year, and forward, to the summer and to next year.  We remembered how usually at the end of the year we have a picnic lunch in the park with the Extended Day children and make lemonade to share with Nancy and the teachers and the Studio Red children at the end of the day.  We wished we could do that this year.  We also looked forward and thought about all the picnics families and friends might enjoy this summer, in backyards, on beaches, by a lake or a river – anywhere – you can take a picnic wherever you go, you can even stay at home and have one.
So, even though we can’t be together we sent an invitation to a special picnic to some people you may know…

What do you think?  Can you remember all the food being brought to our picnic?  That is tricky, there are so many different things.  What is Mark bringing?  How about Nancy?  Who is bringing pie for dessert and who remembered to bring bananas?
Would you like to have a picnic?  Where would you have your picnic?  Who would you invite?  Would you serve lemonade or something different?  What else might you need for your picnic? Maybe you will have a chance to help plan a picnic this summer with your family and friends or… you could have a picnic with your teddy bears.  The music to the song on the right was written over 100 years ago and the lyrics were added about 90 years ago.  The video was made about 10 years ago – if you look carefully you may recognize some of the bears in the video from stories you know.  at least one of them is in one of the  stories about picnics, bears, strawberries and lemons on the Story Share page.  can you spot it?

If you do have a picnic we hope you have a sunny day.  Check the weather forecast and look for pictures of sunshine like these!