Sharing Stones

Would you like to make a grid and do some counting?  You can decide how many lines you want to make going across and down. I wonder what you will choose to count?

Charlie and Ellie design their own grids and write numbers in the spaces. Stella begins to spell her name, Wesley matches letters and numbers and Ellie completely fills up all of the spaces on her grid.

One afternoon, during Stay & Play, Alex, Emma, Victoria, Charlie and Wesley worked together to assemble and count all of the gears. Then they connected the gears to make a circle and called it their bubble!

While delivering the stones to Lincoln Nursery School, I decided to take a rock walk around deCordova. The museum was  very quiet because it was closed to visitors, but Brad was there taking care of the green grass and a bright red cardinal was flying from tree to tree.

I saw a rock covered with moss and lichen and a stone wall built around a huge  boulder. I wonder if you can find these spots when you visit deCordova?

Sliding Rock was quiet but hopefully soon there will be more climbing and sliding again. Here is one of our first warm days when we went exploring.  Do you notice anything different about the grass? 

Here are some of our friends, hiking up the steep hill to the tall rock wall, blowing bubbles and running like the wind down the hill again. How tall is that stone wall behind you?

One day, Lily, Charlie and Wesley pretended this rock was a sleeping wolf that kept them safe and warm.

Here is the stone wall outside Lincoln Nursery School. Which studio could that be?  Do you recognize these rocks? 

A message for you made with river rocks!

Everybody Needs A Rock

A Stone Sat Still, read by Lauri, is on Story Share.